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5 Dec

Baby on Board!!

I am so happy to finally be able to share this exciting news, which by the way was sooooo hard to hide, especially when you have ALL-DAY sickness. I refuse to call it morning sickness when it’s an all-day thing! Even through the sickness, I am staying positive because of the beautiful gift it comes along with. I am 3 months pregnant and my husband and I are beyond excited and grateful for this new chapter in our lives. We still can’t believe it’s real LOL. God’s timing is so Perfect! It was an amazing gift for both of our families, and we were so thrilled to announce it on a beautiful day, which was Thanksgiving; A day to stop...
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25 Sep

The C Word…

October is right around the corner and that means not only is Halloween near (side note: I love dressing up lol) but it’s also breast cancer awareness month, which has always been an event my family and I like to be part of. My cousin, Lisa, works at a cancer center so we have always tried to be involved as much as we can, but this year is just a little bit more special to my family because we have two very special people to celebrate…my mom and my aunt! Now that my mom and my family have gone through this I want people that have been or are going through this to know that they are not alone! We are all...
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18 Sep


A couple of months ago, Nats and I went to NYC (you can see some piks  of our trip here) and walking through Nolita; we found  Kelsey Montague's street mural. A drawing of a pair of wings that invites the public to become part of the art itself, and of course we had to take a picture and be as touristy as we could. For many people,  this is just the perfect spot for an #instagrammoment, but as we walked away, it made me think deeper about the power of her message. The wings are meant to symbolize ways of being lifted, she even created the hashtag #whatliftsyou and started a positive conversation that had people talking about what inspire...
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10 Jul

On a Quest for Sunflower Fields

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel Europe, and one of my favorite places was indeed Italy. I loved it so much that I have already purchased my tickets to go back this year :) The food, culture, people and nature made me fall in love with this amazing country. When I arrived, I knew I HAD to find Sunflower fields as these are one of my favorite flowers, and it was a dream of mine to be able to have this experience. I tried doing some research on how to find Sunflower fields before heading to Europe, but I was not able to find specific tips on how to get there, and this is why...
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19 Jun

Father’s Day Spotlight: Mauricio C.

My dad! Funny thing about him is that my siblings and I actually refer to him as Mao, and that’s always been the case. To me, feminism doesn’t mean hating men, but instead the support we give each other. The definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, according to Merriam-Webster. There are many men that support us women and help us get to where we want to be. My dad has been a perfect example of what a great man that supports women looks like! He is the one that taught my siblings and me how to read and write in Spanish. Every night he would sit with us for about an...
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12 Jun

Father’s Day Spotlight: Edward S.

Nats and I are surrounded by wonderful men who are so supportive of their partners, and who have shown us what a father figure should look like. We wanted to have a chance to share about two of these guys, in honor of father's day/month.
To start off our father's day spotlight short interviews, I decided to interview my brother #bias. Edward has been my father figure for as far as I can remember. Even though he wants to portray himself as a neutral person regarding being a feminist, I don't think I know of someone who is more supportive of gender equality as he is. He has shown my sister, mom...
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15 May

Millennial Moms: Paula Llanos

Pau, my sister in law, has been part of our family for more than a decade, and she has been one of those people who have shown me their true character not by words but by her actions. Within the years our relationship have strengthen so much to the point where I consider her a sister. We pretty much grew up together and I have been able to watch her become this wonderful selfless woman full of qualities. She has been through our family ups and downs and has overcome many obstacles as a champ. Two years ago she gave our family the best gift we could get- our little Cami, and I'm so happy to see how she is...
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8 May

Millennial Moms: Fabiola Marquez

Fabsssss is one of my oldest friends!! I literally even consider her my sister! We met in the 3rd grade and have been friends ever since. She used to sleep over at my house almost every weekend, and she would come to all my family gatherings. We used to do everything together. Since we spent so much time together, we obviously talked all the time. For this reason, I know everything Fabiola has been through, and how she has grown to be an excellent mother! From the very first day I met her, she knew, without a doubt, exactly what she wanted in life. She always said, “I will graduate high school, go to school to become a nurse, and...
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3 May

Madres Empoderadas: Sonia P.

Mi señora madre, o como yo la llamo "Maaaa o Sonia" Jajaja! Es una de las personas más importante en mi vida. Es mi mejor amiga, mi mujer maravilla, mi todo! Siempre he admirado a mi mamá. Es una persona muy alegre y siempre está feliz llena de alegría, siempre cantando, bailando, riéndose (de verdad no exagero jaja). Una vez llego a la casa sola con una guitarra de una venta de garaje que se compró y entro tocando la guitarra y cantando como si estuviera en un mariachi. ¡Logré  grabarla porque como olvidar un momento tan bello! Ella siempre me ha enseñado ver el lado positivo y siempre mantener la fe. Me ha dado consejos como una buena madre y...
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12 Mar

Empowered Women Spotlight: Shirley Medina

I met Shirley when her family moved to Florida while we were in middle school. Our families have known each other for a while since they both lived in New York at one point. Shirley and I have never lost touch with one another, to the point where we now consider each other family. Shirley has grown to be a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, and friend! When Kat and I decided to do this "Women Empowered Spotlights" I automatically thought of her! Everyone has their story and their struggles of how they got to where they are now, but this girl has blown my mind with hers. I have personally witnessed her become the strong woman she is today. I wanted...
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