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19 Dec

Holiday Table

The holidays are here and if you’re anything like me, you also love to host parties and have people over your house! I totally enjoy hosting fun events for my family and friends! Here is a super simple, efficient, and gorgeous table setting. Hopefully you can find some inspiration from this post so that you don’t have to spend precious family time wondering how to set your table! LOL Here are just some ideas of how you can decorate for the holidays when it’s your turn to host! While your family is cooking you can be decorating.
Tres Leche made by my sister ! Yummyyyyy!!! One of her specialties! [eltd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color=""...
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5 Dec

Baby on Board!!

I am so happy to finally be able to share this exciting news, which by the way was sooooo hard to hide, especially when you have ALL-DAY sickness. I refuse to call it morning sickness when it’s an all-day thing! Even through the sickness, I am staying positive because of the beautiful gift it comes along with. I am 3 months pregnant and my husband and I are beyond excited and grateful for this new chapter in our lives. We still can’t believe it’s real LOL. God’s timing is so Perfect! It was an amazing gift for both of our families, and we were so thrilled to announce it on a beautiful day, which was Thanksgiving; A day to stop...
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27 Nov

Empowered Women in Small Business Spotlight: Tatiana & Yessica

November is National Small Business month; a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions and successes to those who are small business owners and are growing the nations’ economy. In honor of this month, Nats and I decided to create the Empowered Women in Small Business Spotlight series. We collaborated with an amazing group of fiercely talented women entrepreneurs, who have shown us that with passion, love, and resilience anything is possible.  These successful women entrepreneurs are creating better lives for themselves and paving the path for tomorrow’s women business owners, while also becoming powerful contributors to gender equality. We hope you get inspired by their stories, and that you remember that any dream can become a reality if you work hard...
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25 Sep

The C Word…

October is right around the corner and that means not only is Halloween near (side note: I love dressing up lol) but it’s also breast cancer awareness month, which has always been an event my family and I like to be part of. My cousin, Lisa, works at a cancer center so we have always tried to be involved as much as we can, but this year is just a little bit more special to my family because we have two very special people to celebrate…my mom and my aunt! Now that my mom and my family have gone through this I want people that have been or are going through this to know that they are not alone! We are all...
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29 Aug

Discover Your Beauty!

Last Sunday, Kats and I were lucky enough to attend the Discover your Beauty Show; A show dedicated to Cancer survivors that invites a group of new designers to showcase their talents while supporting a good cause. The show donates part of the money to those battling and surviving Cancer. Let me just start by saying What a show! OMG!! It was amazing! I found out about this show through my husband, when he registered to be a volunteer photographer. I was obviously intrigued and eager to help, so Kats and I decided to sign up as well. This show takes place every year, so be on the lookout for next year if you are interested :) All donations made, go to cancer foundations...
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12 Aug

Rainy Day Plan

If you live in Orlando, FL, you may have noticed that the weather this summer has been a little crazy. It’s been raining all day every day! Some days are bright and sunny and out of nowhere it starts pouring! A few weeks ago,  I was getting ready for a picnic with my sister and nephews and as we were about to leave it started raining. This did not stop us and we decided to lay everything out in my living room, so it still had that picnic feel to it. This turned out even better because we got a picnic and movie date all in one! Plus we got air conditioner lol, and let’s be real, I didn’t think...
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19 Jun

Father’s Day Spotlight: Mauricio C.

My dad! Funny thing about him is that my siblings and I actually refer to him as Mao, and that’s always been the case. To me, feminism doesn’t mean hating men, but instead the support we give each other. The definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, according to Merriam-Webster. There are many men that support us women and help us get to where we want to be. My dad has been a perfect example of what a great man that supports women looks like! He is the one that taught my siblings and me how to read and write in Spanish. Every night he would sit with us for about an...
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29 May

Millennial Moms: Kristi Alicea

I love that we are closing the Millenial moms series with one of my best friends, Kristi. I have known Kristi for about 15 years as she was one of the first people I met when I got to the U.S. Kristi left Orlando a few years ago, but we have never lost touch and she has been part of every failure and success throughout my life and vice-versa. She is one of those friends that you stop seeing for years, but when you see her again is like if time hasn't passed by. She has also been patient enough to understand how bad I am on texting back #guilty #millenialproblems Kristi is sweet, smart and is always ready to help when...
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22 May

Millennial Moms: Melanie Gnecco

Melaa! A great friend, great mother, great sister, great wife, and who has all other great qualities you can think of! What’s funny is that we actually met in high school, but we became close after we graduated. Kat started working in the same company as Melanie, and their friendship got stronger. This led to us spending time together, also such as birthdays, dinners, etc...
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15 May

Millennial Moms: Paula Llanos

Pau, my sister in law, has been part of our family for more than a decade, and she has been one of those people who have shown me their true character not by words but by her actions. Within the years our relationship have strengthen so much to the point where I consider her a sister. We pretty much grew up together and I have been able to watch her become this wonderful selfless woman full of qualities. She has been through our family ups and downs and has overcome many obstacles as a champ. Two years ago she gave our family the best gift we could get- our little Cami, and I'm so happy to see how she is...
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