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27 Mar


This trip has definitely been on the top of my destinations list for a while! I love Chip and Joanna not only for their amazing work but for what they represent as a family! My family and I have been watching their show for as long as I can remember, so when I saw that they bought the Silos and then the diner I knew I had to put it in my travel bucket list. My husband and I like to give each other traditional gifts for our anniversaries, and for our 3rd anniversary, he gifted me a tote bag with leather handles from Joanna’s Magnolia Collection at Target. Just in case you didn’t know, the traditional 3rd-anniversary gift is leather. I was super excited that he gave me something from their collection, and when I opened the bag I saw flight tickets to Texas with a picture of the Silos 😍! I couldn’t believe it! So of course, I wanted to share with you my small itinerary of our trip to Waco, Texas in case you decide to go one day!

Day 1

-Flew to Austin: We rented a car at the airport to get around Austin for the day, and for our drive to Waco the next day.

-Cathedral of Juno: This was amazing and lots of fun. It’s crazy how someone’s junk be someone else’s treasure. We found out about this place on Google and it’s literally someone’s backyard, and the cover is only a $5 donation.

-Austin Greetings Mural: Fun place to take a fun picture for keepsakes!

-Bat Bridge: We went to the bridge, but it wasn’t bat season, which is typically from the end of March through October, and we went in the beginning of March. Fun Fact: The bridge was not built for bats, but because of its design it’s great for their mating.

Day 2

-Yay! Waco here we come!!! We woke up extremely early to drive to Waco, which is about a 2-hour drive from Austin.

-Magnolia Table: Opens 6am-3pm (Mon-Sat). We got there at about 7:15 am and there was already a 20-minute wait. 30 minutes later the wait was up to an hour, so if you want to go, plan on being there early in the morning. FYI the food is delicious and the service was amazing!

-Silos: (Closed on Sundays) a great variety of food trucks are parked inside and you can also go to their store. The best part is the bakery, where we got chocolate chip cookies and a strawberry cream cupcake! #Delisssshhhh. Make sure you also take a stroll around their beautiful garden!

-Waco Suspension Bridge: This is a beautiful bridge where you can relax and take a nice walk. It’s only about 5 minutes away from the Silos.

-Drive around Austin Avenue: Here you can see other shops and if you have time, go to a dinner and show at the Waco Hippodrome Theater. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to because we had to head back to Austin. 

Let me just finish by saying that this was an amazing 2-day trip! Baby, you did good! LOL! If you’re a fan like me, I totally suggest you go, too! It is a very family-friendly vacation that everyone can enjoy! On Joanna’s blog, she gives upcoming events and all the new things happening at all times so make sure you follow!


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