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5 Sep

Japan Part I

Japan is like no other!! It has been by far the favorite trip that my husband and I have taken. Every single city, town, etc. that we went to was completely different and brought its own kind of fun. Tokyo was amazing, I felt like a little girl at a theme park. With animated characters that even the older generation seem to be a part of. You literally get all the modern and all the ancient Japan in one trip. Kyoto is known for more formal traditions. You see more of the old culture of Japan; which was amazing as well. Japan has been one of my longest trips which is why I have to divide this trip into two posts. There is so much to see in Japan, the people are amazing, the culture, the fashion, everything! I loved it all! In this post and part II, I will tell you my itinerary for Japan that might help you out if you ever decide to go to Japan. ( You must go!!) lol, Also a few things to consider that will be helpful.

PART I: Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, and Nara

PART II: Hiroshima, Miyajima, Osaka, My layover at the Great Wall of China

Things to consider:

  1. At least when we went a year ago there were no direct flights to Japan so we ended up flying from Orlando (our home) to Los Angeles and then to Beijing, stop there and got on another plane to Tokyo.
  2. There are very few trash cans on the streets of Japan, so be ready to carry your trash until you find a trash can nearby. lol
  3. Bring tissue paper in your bag. There are manyyyyyy temples in Japan and the majority of them don’t have toilet paper in the restrooms.
  4. We rented an internet router at the airport which helped us a LOT! There are places where no one speaks English and all the signs are in Japanese so having internet at all time helped out a lot with our trip.
  5. Transportation on the bullet train (Shinkansen) should be bought before your trip. It’s just much easier and saves a lot of time.  https://www.jrpass.com


Day 1

Meiji-Jingu Shrine– Only walked a little here because it’s really big, but it’s a good place to slow down and take a nice walk.

Takeshita Street– Probably one of my favorite places in Tokyo lol. It was just so much fun! Here we went to the owl cafe, ate a huge cotton candy, saw the fashion and so much more!

Omotesando Hills– This is a shopping complex where you can also find very nice restaurants and boutiques. Ohhh and this awesome entry to the mall!

Shibuya aka The Scramble crossing– This was the moment I felt like “Ohh yeah I’m in Tokyo” I must be honest though, I thought the crossing was a lot bigger lol, but it was still really cool to be able to experience it.

Day 2

Fish Market– Another one of my favorite spots in Tokyo and its so ironic because I am not a fan of seafood, but to see everyone so passionate eating all the different types of food and all the vendors running around the market was fascinating to me. My husband really enjoyed the food as you can see. lol

Hamarikyu Gardens- This is a beautful garden we passed by to get to a boat that would take us to Asakusa.

Asakusa– This is the oldest temple in Tokyo. It’s known to bring good luck and happiness, so of course, I had to go lol.

Day 3


This was a day trip for us. Kamakura is most known for its Great Buddha, a roughly 13m-high bronze statue.

Akihabara– is famous for everything manga, anime, and games! Also know as “Electric Town”.

Day 4

Skydeck Roppongi– Breathtaking view even though I was so scared lol, but I made it to the top. (yay me!)

Shinjuku Golden Gai– This area has very narrow streets full of very small bars, fitting between 5 to 10 people.

ZENtertainment– A fantastic show we saw in Asakusa, 100% recommend!

Day 5 


Gyoen National Garden– beautiful park to walk around.

Kyoto Station– This station is so big! It has shopping, restaurants and so much more entertaiment.

Day 6

Golden Temple– This is one of the most popular buildings in Japan.

Bamboo Forest– It was amazing!!! It gets really packed, so expect a lot of people.

River Boat Tour– We bought this tour on site and it was a beautiful view to see.

Day 7 

Fushimi Inari Taisha– A MUST DO!! Don’t forget to take comfy shoes because it’s a lot of walking… a lot!

Gion Shirakawa– A very beautiful place to walk around and grab something to eat ohh and spot geishas, which was my favorite.

Day 8


This was a day trip for us as well. It was so much fun to see all the deer walking around. I’m not going to lie I got a little scared at one point because I had too much food in my hands, so a lot of them came after me lol, but in my opinion, it’s a must go when traveling to Kyoto. The deer are so friendly and literally all over the park.

To be Continued


Nats Cardona