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15 Nov

Friendsgiving 2019

Every year, we try our best to have a Friendsgiving dinner; to disconnect from stress, celebrate our friendship and remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have each other. You see- many people have acquaintances, but only a few can say they have a real group of friends, who they can always count with, and be their authentic selves no matter the situation. Nats and I have been extremely lucky to have not only each other, but also an amazing group of friends- who find time to check on us in the midst of busy schedules, who never let us dwell on our failures, and instead challenge us to grow from them. These friends stay constant through every...
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18 Oct

Postpartum aka “The Fourth Trimester”

OK so we are finally back to posting blogs LOL, and to be honest I wrote this blog during the first two months after I gave birth. I am a little late,  but things have definitely gotten better (I am now 4 months postpartum!) One thing I really want to emphasize on is that PATIENCE IS KEY! I have a newfound respect for single parents because I cannot imagine doing all this without my husband's help, even if it's just to hold our baby while I take a nice shower. I am really enjoying this chapter in my life. It's truly incredible how someone so small can change your life in the best way possible. Watching her grow every...
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27 Sep

About Letting Go…

If you had asked me a few years ago if I was happy, I would have probably said “absolutely!”… I have an amazing family, amazing friends a great career- what else could I need to be happy? I pretty much had my life and future figured out and under control, so why would I not be happy? It wasn’t until I removed an important piece of my life puzzle, that I started to realize that I needed to start creating happiness and peace of mind overall from the inside and not only based on the external factors. I was holding on to so many unnecessary emotions, and these were putting a hard break into my path of becoming a better...
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30 Jul

Welcome Milan

"Literally documented in my books like one of the best days of my life!" I will start by saying that this has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, and certainly the most rewarding one as well!!! Once you have your baby in your arms all the pain goes away. Now, 7 weeks later, I would like to officially welcome my daughter Milan Forero, born June 10, 2019, weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. After 18 hours of labor #BigBaby, I took time off from everything to be able to concentrate on her and my husband. I recommend to all new mommies, taking this time to do the same to be able to fully...
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18 Jun

New Daddy Feels: Daniel Forero

This post is pretty special to me because it’s about my wonderful husband. Now I say this, not because I'm his wife, but because I know him and see him in action every day, he is a wonderful man! He is very caring, a huge family man, loves to help everyone, loves to make people feel special and great about themselves, he's a big clown lol always making everyone laugh, an excellent supporter, always sees the positive in every single thing, and so much more!!! As new parents, I wanted to post his side of the pregnancy as well. I feel that’s it’s very important not only to see the moms point of view, but also the dads...
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17 May

Millennial Moms: Luisa F. Alzate

I decided to close the Millenial moms series with one of my great friends, Luisa. I met Luisa when I was in high school through my cousin and throughout the years, she has become family. I can say she is one of the most dedicated people I know, and everything she puts her mind to she achieves. I remember when she decided to become a nurse, there was no one who could interrupt her study sessions, but somehow, she managed to still make time for her friends. Our friendship continued even when she decided to move to New York and start from zero with the love of her life. I know there were a lot of struggles, especially when she...
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8 May

Millennial Moms: Andrea Gallego-Patrick

Andrea is family! She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I automatically thought of her when we decided to do the millennial moms series this year. She's very hardworking, one of the sweetest people I know and an excellent mother! Not only does she care for her son and her husband, but the whole entire family. Even though we don't live nearby and don't get to see each other as often as I would like, we always keep in touch and make sure we are all OK. Isn't that what family is all about? Making sure we always protect each other and that we are all doing good? That's why I chose Andrea for this year's Mom Series...
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26 Apr

First Trimester

Sooo this post is about my first trimester (plus part of the second trimester) of pregnancy, because what I’m about to share lasted the first four months!  I am at the end of my pregnancy - Yay! - and now looking back, the first few months were the “hardest” for me. I put it in quotes because it’s not that it was hard to handle, but more about how weak and sick I felt most of the time. Now I’m not going to sugar-coat the facts here because I want to be as honest as I can and share everything from my point of view. I also don’t want you to think I’m complaining, I’m totally not, I just wanted...
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19 Apr

Working From Home 101

When I mention that I have the freedom to work from home to someone, they always seem to think I’m super lucky, they believe that working from home is waking up when you want, brewing some coffee, turning on your laptop, and lying in bed, clicking and writing for a few hours until you need a stretch. But is this the reality of working from home? No #facts As usual, the grass is always greener on the other side, and working from home is not as easy as it sounds. I still have to meet deadlines and expectations, and I think my level of responsibility has even increased since I have started working from home. I know that I must be...
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8 Mar

My Go-to Inspirational Talks from Empowered Women

In Honor of International Women's Day, I’ve decided to share my top favorite talks given by empowered women. These speeches are all different, but they all have one thing in  common; They are given by inspiring women who have had to speak louder to get their voices heard. Throughout the years these talks have helped me to lift my spirit when I have needed it the most ( personally and professionally) and have inspired me to move forward in despite of challenges. Each of these women somehow are making a change in the world. Their acts have become motivation, their deeds have become an inspiration and their eloquent speeches have become words of encouragement for so many other women. I hope...
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